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Patios Essex

Patio installation Essex

Anderson Paving Contractors are a group of professional patio installers located in Essex with more than 25 years of experience. Customers throughout the county love our services because of our ability to deliver high-quality patios that stand the test of time. We always offer a professional service and design our installations to suit you. With us, you can get a bespoke design that complements your home, its setting and features.

Garden patio Ideas

There is a huge variety of slabs available for garden patios. Here is just a selection of some of the patio slab ideas that we offer at Anderson Paving Contractors.

Natural stone paving

Natural stone paving encompasses limestone paving, slate patio slabs, grey patio slabs, and many other types of natural stone, such as granite. For many homeowners, these are a great mid-price option. Each stone patio paving slab offers a variety of textures and colours and brings its own character. Because natural stone comes from nature, no two stones are the same, helping to make your patio unique. Black patio slabs can help bring more moondiness to your outdoor spaces.

Concrete paving

Concrete paving slabs range from designs intended to mimic traditional flagstones to smooth, modernist finishes. As concrete patio installers, we believe the material is one of the most affordable currently available, making it a great option for those on a budget. It’s also highly stain-resistant and long-lasting, making it a good long-term home investment.

Cobble block paving

Cobbles are natural stones. Due to their small size, they are great pavers for regular patios as well as smaller, more irregular spaces, such as terraces and courtyards. In general, you’ll want to increase the size of your cobbles with the area you intend to pave to keep everything to scale. Large patio slabs are best for bigger areas.

Porcelain paving

Many people choose porcelain tile patio installation. Porcelain paving solutions are exceptionally hard-wearing and stain-resistant. Some varieties have a stone-like finish but they are not made of stone. In fact, they’re often man-made, giving them a uniform and smooth finish.

Patio installation cost Essex

The cost of patio installation varies depending on the cost of the materials that you want to lay.

Budget paving slabs should cost anywhere between £25 and £30 per square meter. Flagstone paving, by contrast, might set you back between between £45 and £75 per square meter. Other types of patios, such as concrete, brick and raised patios cost around £30 to £45 per square metre.

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