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Garden Fencing Essex

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At Anderson Paving Contractors we are proud to be one of the best fencing service providers. We offer multiple fencing options for all our clients, with such a great variety of choice for your fencing needs we are the best choice for your investment in your fences. If you are interested in what fencing options we have to offer then check them out below.

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Horizontal waney edge fencing

This is one of the most popular fencing options that is used, the horizontal panels are created from waney edge boards that have been slightly overlapped. Waney edge boards are known for being cut straight from the tree so the waney edged side has bark still on it usually and the other side is cut square. These fences provide you with great value for your money and are great for privacy and keeping any property secure.

Picket Fencing

This open slatted fence design is generally used for creating borders or for decorative use instead of using it for any security or privacy. But it can be a good option should you have children and/or animals as it is a good fence to stop them from getting out of a garden. It is usually used for a front garden that would not need much protection if you are just looking to set up a border for your property.

Feather edge fencing

This fencing is more robust than the waney edge fencing so is ideal for anyone that requires it for extra security or a more sturdy fence. This fencing is created from boards which are tapered being set vertically which forms a strong fence. Featheredge is usually sold in individual boards or already constructed into panels.

Bamboo fencing

Bamboo fencing is a great option for both privacy and decoration, they are great for segmenting portions of the garden like screens to offer little sections in your garden or extra privacy other than just at your boundaries. They are generally used as screens but can be purchased quite tall to allow for security in your garden as well.

Willow and hazel hurdle fences

Hurdle fences constructed from willow or hazel are the ideal fences for decorating your garden and adding any divisions you may want within your gardens set up. If you are also looking to add in any additional privacy then this can be a great option for you.

Decorative fencing

Mainly known as trellices or lattices, the decorative fence is available in many options so you can find the correct one to suit your design options for the garden. It is used in multiple ways and for multiple purposes, sometimes it is used for privacy, by having plants grow into the holes in the fencing to create natural looking privacy or mainly used to just add something decorative to your garden.

Why you should use us for your fencing

Getting your fencing perfect is really important to make sure you have the security and privacy you want. We have years of experience here at Anderson Paving Contractors so we are always on hand to help you pick the right fencing to both compliment your garden and perform the use you want it for.

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